8th International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications
ICETE 2011 – International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications: July 18-21, Seville, Spain
July 18-21     Seville, Spain
1st International Workshop on
Model-Based and Policy-Based Engineering in Information Security - MPEIS 2011
Call for Papers

Sergio Pozo Hidalgo
University of Seville
Joaquin Garcia-Alfaro
TELECOM Bretagne
Rafael Martinez Gasca
University of Seville

Nowadays, IT Security is one of the top priorities for companies all over the world, as the increasing investment in security during the last years indicates. However, security-related technologies, such as Firewalls, IDS and Anti-virus systems are being configured and deployed today as it has been done over the last three decades. On the contrary, size, complexity, heterogeneity, and speed of changes have been increasing during the same period. Security aspects in most companies are, moreover, being incorporated into software systems as an add-on at the later stages of the development process. This implies that part of the investment in security is a waste of money. Future systems must be able to be designed from higher-level, platform-agnostic models. These models may also be diagnosed and corrected during early design stages to cut design and development costs and assure some quality properties. These systems must be capable to react to internal or external events and reconfigure themselves to comply to their models.

This workshop is an international forum on how to address these complexity-related issues in information security systems within Model-based and Policy-based Engineering paradigms. It aims at merging both communities, the first one strongly related with Software Engineering, and the second one tightly related with Network Security. The workshop will try to bring together people from both academia and industry, from all the different areas that want to/might play an active role in domains of both modeling and security to discuss problems, highlight possible solutions, disseminate success stories and also draft a possible research agenda.

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